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Online courses

Online courses

Our 1 month long online courses aim to train dogs in stages. The main focus is to develop the handlers observational skills, their mechanical movements and practice how to be an effective and productive trainer. The course is organized on the Clickmeetings platform, with weekly meetings. Separate one-on-one meetings with participants can be arranged if necessary. A Facebook or WhatsApp group will be used where the participants will submit their videos for assessment. It is our experience that it is beneficial for all participants to follow all the videos and comment. Every participant will receive feedback and answers to any questions at least once a day. Each course begins when a sufficient number of participants is gathered, which is between 6 and 12 and will start between the 1th and 5th of each month.

Play Development, Foundation

The course focuses on play and the most efficient ways of playing with the dog, how to properly and sufficiently activate them and how to find the best methods to achieve that. The prey drive is the main drive for good working dog, whether they are search dogs, obedience dogs or any other type of working dog. Proper play with the dog is a good starting point and a foundation for a successful working dog. The goal of the course is to build drive and motivation for play as reward.

Search development

This module focuses on the very beginning of search training, when the dog just starts to use the nose. We help you to go from play development to search development. This is the most important foundation for a future detection dog. The goal is to build high motivation and stamina to search for a toy in different environments.

Search Development - Detailed Search

The main focus of this module is to create a focused start and an intense and detailed search technique. During the course we will advice you on when to use less scent pictures and how to extend the search time without the dog losing motivation.

Systematic Search

This module is focused on the details of the systematic search. When the foundation training is done, next step is to create systematic search techniques and patterns. During this course we help you plan and train the techniques that is suitable for your specific task.


Imprinting clarifies how to easily teach a dog to find the correct target scent. Several methodologies are explained in detail. In order to start this training there are several prerequisites that the dog must possess. The dog needs to have a trained indication and an ability to search on a brick wall for minimum 5 minutes without interruption.

Tracking foundations

On this one month long course we train the foundations for tracking on various surfaces. The goal with the course is to train the dog to have a focused start and an accurate and ground based tracking technique. To attend the course the dog needs to have a trained passive indication on articles.

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