Training weekend in Norway

December 2022

Many thanks to Maj-Brit Iden for the invitation.

We did a lot of dog training at different levels and with different training needs. As always, we try to share as much information and mechanical skill as possible in a short time frame. I believe we achieved a lot and that all the dog had progressed in their training. I hope the trainers learned something new and that they will use that knowledge in their training with their dogs as well as with new handlers. A big thank you one more time and I hope we will have a chance to train together again.

Training week Tijuana, Mexico

December 2022

Just got back from a week in Tijuana, Mexico working with the Police. Great dogs and handlers who are working in a very challening environment. It is hard to even try to explain the impressions and experiences we got from these days (not to mention the nights) Can’t wait to come back! Thank you Ruben and Tijuana State Police for organizing this. 

Training weekend in France

January 2023

In January, we visited France at Bastien Marché’s invitation. Thank you for the invitation and the excellent organization. The seminar lasted for three days. In those three days, we started with the basics in detection progressing to the details in detection and how to get the most out of the dog. The group was focused on work, eager to absorb new knowledge and ideas. All of this would not have been completely possible without the translators Typh Lecoq and Isabelle Cognard. Thanks again and I hope to see you again soon.

Training weekend in Italy

February 2023

Thank you Roberta for inviting us for yet another seminar in Italy. As always it was a lot of fun. There were a lot of familiar faces, as well as some new trainers. It was good to see the progress of trainers and dogs that keep getting better. Despite the cold weather we managed to do excellent work. Both dogs and trainers were very tired, but also very happy by the end of each day. It just shows the training tempo and willingness of everyone present to do better and achieve more. Thank you very much and see you soon!

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