Training weekend in Norway

December 2022

Many thanks to Maj-Brit Iden for the invitation.

We did a lot of dog training at different levels and with different training needs. As always, we try to share as much information and mechanical skill as possible in a short time frame. I believe we achieved a lot and that all the dog had progressed in their training. I hope the trainers learned something new and that they will use that knowledge in their training with their dogs as well as with new handlers. A big thank you one more time and I hope we will have a chance to train together again.

Training week Tijuana, Mexico

December 2022

Just got back from a week in Tijuana, Mexico working with the Police. Great dogs and handlers who are working in a very challening environment. It is hard to even try to explain the impressions and experiences we got from these days (not to mention the nights) Can’t wait to come back! Thank you Ruben and Tijuana State Police for organizing this.